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pumpkin spice latte in glass mug 2

Easy Pumpkin Spice Latte

Have you ever been to a coffee shop and tried a pumpkin spice latte? I don’t know about you, but I love pumpkin spice. In fact, the heavenly flavor is even my favorite type of...

gyro with salad 1

Grilled Vegan Gyro

Okay, I know that a “real” Gyro is made with meat. But let’s face it, a Veggie Gyro sounds absolutely delicious! Right! A gyro doesn’t have to be just for carnivores. Even vegans can enjoy...

star shaped apple hand pies 1

Apple Cinnamon Hand Pies

  Apples are one of the most versatile fruits around. You can eat them raw or use them in salads, soups or in special baked goods like apple cinnamon hand pies.   Now let me...

colorful vegan kabobs 1

Grilled Vegan Kabobs with Marinade

I don’t know about you but marinated shish kabobs are a favorite of mine.   What is more, with the abundance of seasonal vegetables you can cater this recipe to your liking. These easy to make...

tons of cinnamon bark 3

Health Benefits of Cinnamon

Do you need help dieting? Just a dash of cinnamon is said to curb a sweet tooth. Add it to teas, fruit, baked goods or even hot cereal. Enjoy a delicious treat that Great for...

bruschetta on white platter 2 1

Bruschetta with Basil and Tomato

Ah, the rewards of summer. Devouring Italian bruschetta (pronounced “bro͝oˈsketə”) is a fabulous way to seize the luscious taste of ripe summer tomatoes, pungent garlic and fresh garden basil. I used to make this delicious...

chocolate-superfood-protein-smoothie 1

Maca Root Health Benefits

Peruvians have been using maca root as a medicinal and everyday food for centuries.  Grown in the high Andes, this revived superfood is used as traditional medicine to boost energy, stamina and sexual function. The...

fresh gazpacho with lemon and chive garnish 1

Traditional Homemade Gazpacho

Gazpacho is a cold soup traditionally made of raw vegetables that generally has a tomato base. This delicious soup is said to originate in the southern Spanish region of Andalusia.   Gazpacho is a refreshing...

lime and coconut cocktail with lemon 1

Healthy Lime in the Coconut Cocktail

Embrace the heat with a healthy Lime in de Coconut cocktail. Of course, a healthy drink should be made without alcohol.   Whether you are right dab in the middle of the city or on...

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