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Despite the fragile real estate market, an innovative Eco home design can be achieved.  

Living Green Newsflash presents some of the best Eco friendly home designs that use renewable energy, are creative and efficient.

Sustainable homes are house designs that are Eco friendly and go above and beyond using renewable energy. The  Eco home is constructed of renewable resources and has decreased an overall ecological footprint.

Eco homes create an immense utility for the near future.  Furthermore, an Eco friendly home does not deplete resources. Researching worldwide, we have came across some of the most incredible Eco homes that are over the top . Here is a list of some of the best green homes worldwide:

Eco-Friendly: Cascading Creek House, Austin Texas

Green House Designs

Designed by Thomas Bercy and Calvin Chen of Bercy Chen Studio, this Eco-friendly home provides a rooftop that captures rain and sun.

To remedy the runoff situation that is typical in Texas hill country, the landscape house plans divert the rainwater to a 30,000 gallon tank. Amazingly the collection tank can offer irrigation for two months of drought.

The natural water basins also provide solar renewable energy through the use of 5-kilowatt photovoltaic array covers and 21 solar thermal panels. The environmentally friendly system generates around 124,264 BTUs per hour.

Cascading Creek Eco home designs leaves a very small ecological footprint that embraces nature.  The Eco-friendly ambiance is of native limestone walls, three mature oak trees and an extended living space that overlooks the creek.


Great House Designs: The Wing House, Malibu California

Designed by architect David Hertz for client Francie Rehwald, the Eco home is structured from a Boeing 747.

Located on 55-acres of property this environmentally friendly house incorporates the retaining walls in order to reduce the impact of the existing landscape and topography.

The recyclable plane was bought at a plane graveyard for $35,000. A new one would have cost around $124 million. It measured more than 230 feet long, 195 feet wide and 63 feet tall. Because the plane was so large it had to be taken apart and then transported by helicopter.

The house designs are composed of several rooms with the wings as the main quarters and the cockpit as a meditation room. The guest house is located in the first class cabin deck and the lower half of the fuselage which is the cargo hold serves as the roof of an animal barn proposed for endangered species.

The Eco home is very environmentally friendly using 100% post-consumer waste. The home plans are to incorporate natural ventilation, solar power, radiant heating and heat mirror glazing.


Off the Grid Green: Scotland Unst Island Green-House

This off-grid Eco home built by Michael and Dorothy Rea is a “zero carbon” house powered only by 100 mph wind gales and the sun.

The couple utilizes renewable energy by drawing warmth from the air to heat the floors, power their electric car with wind energy and grow the majority of their own food. Their home plans include a greenhouse that will soon feature grapevines, lemon trees and green pepper plants.

The three-bedroom house designs are built with off-the-shelf timber. Power for the lights, refrigerator, computer and cooker come from the wind turbine which charges fuel cells that can store power up to four days. The greenhouse has its own wind turbine and contains LED lights for overcast days and high-nutrient hydroponic liquids for growing.


The Eco-friendly Orchid House, Cotswald England

A Expensive Green-House

At $14.2 million or £7.2 million, the innovative Eco home is said to be the most expensive home design that has ever been sold.

Even Brad Pit looked at the house plans and Kylie Minogue stayed at the estate.

The Orchid House is part of the Lower Mill Estate where various similar sustainable homes can be found. The Eco friendly house is located on a 550-acre privately owned nature reserve near Cirencester, well-known as the ‘Capital of the Cotswolds’.

The house plans take up 2400 square feet of space and features cutting-edge architecture that generates more energy than it consumes by utilizing a geothermal heating underground pump. To ensure a low ecological footprint, the Eco home is built with laminated veneer lumber arrayed with timber shingles. The house designs are by Sarah Featherstone who is established in east London and is designing part of the Olympic athletes’ village.


House Designs: Athena Marie Plantation, Vero Beach Florida

A Large Environmentally Friendly Home

The estate was known as the largest Eco home built in America, the Athena Marie Plantation encompassing a 45,760 square foot house design with the first in the US to feature wind-powered electric turbines on its roof.

The Eco friendly house is the very first known Eco home design in Florida to use 100 percent renewable energy.

The house plans featured laminated veneer lumber, timber shingles and an underground pump for geothermal heating. It is said to have been modeled after the Tara plantation in the novel Gone with the Wind. The house designs included an insulated wall system to utilize one hundred percent renewable energy and reduce its ecological footprint.

The half completed plantation is unfortunately now demolished. The former owner Lewis Barton was obliged to sign a settlement with the Indian River County Commission to pay off his lien. City First Mortgage Corporation of Broward County bought the property and felt that removing the house made it easier to sell. For more information visit TC Palm News.


Green and Off the Grid: The Watershed House, Wren Oregon

An Eco-Friendly Home

The Watershed House has to be one of the smallest Eco-friendly house designs around.


The off-the grid writers retreat has no direct road access and is only 70 square feet.



The home plans were designed by Erin Moore for her mother Kathleen Dean Moore.

This Eco home is constructed with a prefabricated steel frame, tongue-and-groove red cedar enclosure, glass, and concrete which were carried to the site by hand in order to leave a minimal ecological footprint.

The home designs also include a water trough that has a chute from the roof allowing rainwater to trickle down into the basin. This trough acts as a gauge for precipitation and a desired place for deer and birds to drink. Additionally, the polycarbonate roof diffuses the light and provides shading and the double paned windows offer Eco friendly insulation.

The small Watershed House offers some of the most refined living available in 70 square feet. Lessening a cramped feeling, the cabin windows to the west allow a view of the trees where hawks make their nests and let the light in.


Eco-Friendly: Small Wood Cabin on Flathead Lake, Polson Montana

Eco-Friendly Setting

Balanced on pillars near a slate and granite bluff in the Ponderosa pine forests, this small Eco-friendly cabin blends nearly effortlessly into the pictorial landscape. The  Eco home is composed of a comfortable interior with wood floors that extend to a deck that leads to a small bridge over the terrain.

The 600 square meter Eco home is designed by Andersson Wise Architects. It was built off site and installed with a minimal ecological footprint. It requires no burning fuel and takes advantage of passive heating and cooling. However, the cabin does have electricity yet large insulated windows reduce the need for artificial light. With running water that is pumped from the lake, any nature lover would feel right at home.


Home Plans: Heather’s Home, Weatherford Texas

Utilizing Renewable Energy

Heather’s Home was the first LEED Platinum home design in Texas and third in the nation. This Eco friendly house attained the top rank in the National Association of Home Builder’s Green Building Guidelines.

It is also the first home rated under the new (more rigorous) American Lung Association’s Health House Guidelines. The Eco home is designed by Gary Olp of GGO Architects and expands 2,038 square feet.

The mission of Heather’s Home was to construct a High Performance Home that Heather could afford. She needed to stretch her limited budget to include as many Eco friendly and energy-efficient components as possible. The mission was accomplished, quite amazingly the cost of Heather’s home was around $117 pounds per square foot (psf) and the average heating and cooling bill is only $20-30 per month.

The house design includes a rainwater collection system with 3,000 gallon holding tank, a tank-less water heater power-driven by rooftop solar panels, low-flush toilets, 20 SEER Daikin HVAC system, GreenGuard certified Formica kitchen counters, and InterFLOR modular carpet made with renewable and recyclable materials.

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