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Various recipes high in probiotics

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Berries & Yogurt Compote with Acai Berry

Jump start your spring or summer health plan with superfoods and probiotics. This berry and “coconut” yogurt has what it takes! Loaded with superfoods like acai berries and yogurt, a natural probiotic that aids in...


Chai Coconut Water Kefir

Consuming water kefir on a daily basis is a great way to boost your daily probiotics. In case you haven’t heard, probiotics can provide multiple benefits for your immune system. Moreover, probiotics are live microorganisms...


Homemade Organic Kombucha Tea | High in Probiotics

Kombucha tea is very high in probiotics. Consumed for over 2000 years to improve health and help fight chronic disease. Kombucha tea is  believed to improve immunity and digestion. It is also high in anti-oxidants,...