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Tea 4 two, or three or me


Fruit Detox Water Recipes for Energy and Thirst

Detox is not necessarily a restricted diet for cleansing. You can actually detox the body by eating or drinking certain nourishing foods  throughout the day. Studies show that detox type foods included in your everyday...


Chaga Tea Latte | Vegan Superfood

Russia and many Northern countries have been drinking Chaga tea for centuries. This rediscovered superfood is said to have many medicinal properties such as Improving liver health Reducing inflammation Protecting against viruses Boosting the immune system Reducing...


Organic Herbal Energy Drink | Natural Boosting Energy Foods

Living Green Newsflash Did you know that most sports and energy drinks contain loads of corn syrup (GMO’s), sucrose, artificial dyes, artificial flavorings, sodium citrate, potassium phosphate and other harmful ingredients? Not only are these...


Cinnamon Apple Infused Green Tea

Green tea has to be the healthiest beverage in the world. It is Very high in nutrients and antioxidants. Green tea may help improve brain function, risk of cancer, fat loss and so much more....


Traditional Homemade Chai Tea

Originating in India, Tibet, Nepal and Pakistan, the making of chai tea dates back more than 5,000 years. Ancient legends say that it was invented by a king in pursuit of a healing beverage. Indeed,...


Healthy Detox Diet for the Liver and Kidneys

The Liver and Kidneys play a very important role in your health by getting rid of toxins and filtering the system. With a little knowledge and discipline; a liver and kidney detox & cleanse can...