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Crème Fraîche – French Recipe

The original French crème fraiche is similar to sour cream with a nice nutty taste but is not as sour. It also holds up better to cooking. For instance, it resists curdling and separating, making...


Homemade Apple Butter Naturally

Even though I really hate it when summer ends, I always look forward to fall harvest. This year I got over 35 pounds of apples on an afternoons journey to a few organic farms. That’s...


Traditional Pesto

Pesto or pesto genovese is said to originate in Genoa, the Liguria region of northern Italy. It was traditionally prepared in a marble mortar with a wooden pestle. In fact, the word pestâ (Italian: pestare)...


Honey Butter Rum Sauce

If you love a rum flavor, then you will adore this honey butter rum sauce. It is easy to make and can be put together in a jiffy. This creamy rum sauce is packed with...


Honey Crème Anglaise Custard Sauce | French Recipe

Don’t make too much of this crème anglaise recipe. You’ll find yourself sneaking the leftovers until it’s gone. But then again, make a whole lot! This recipe is divine! This honey crème anglaise is a rich...