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eco friendly gift certificates 2Okay, so the occasion tiptoed up on you. As luck would have it, you didn’t find the ideal Eco friendly present in time. Sprinting out to shop for a last minute gift is inconceivable; super long lines, irrational mad drivers and bare shelves with picked over products. Why not buy Eco friendly gift certificates?

Now some people feel that gift cards make a horrible gift. But quite frankly, I beg to differ. People say, “Why not send cash”? I say, it’s a really impersonal to send cash. After all, a gift certificate introduces the receiver to a new Eco friendly product.  I would rather have a gift on time then have cash arrive a month later. Don’t you agree?

And NO, not all gift certificates have an expiration date. In fact, most gift cards have an unlimited time for redemption. The gift you want to buy your uncle or niece can be delivered on time for the occasion. And better still, they can buy exactly what they want and when they desire it. No more guessing about the ‘perfect gift to buy.

Gift cards don’t mean a trip to the store either. In truth, most gift certificates can be delivered electronically. That way there’s instant delivery and the gift cards are saved in an email. So the person receiving the gift certificate can redeem their gift card at any time and shop online without ever leaving the house.

Gift certificates take the guessing out of the picture. Giving an Eco friendly gift card allows a person to choose what they want. You can also feel good about what you’re giving and know that an Eco friendly gift helps the environment. Here are a few Eco friendly gift certificates that are defiantly a magnificent ‘last minute’ surprise.
organic wineOrganic Wine Company: If you eat organic, then drink organic.” The Organic Wine Company began growing and importing wines made with 100% certified organic grapes way back in 1980. Have many varieties of healthy wine like bio-dynamic and organic wine, vegan wine and ‘no sulfites’ wine. In addition, you can enjoy their online experience and shop by region, flavor, price and wine specials.


Help protect the environment and reduce plastic and fuel use by sending an Eco gift card. Specify the amount you want to send the recipient with just a minimum of $10 and up to any denomination you desire.

For more information and a small wine list:

Extensive Organic Wine Selection | The Organic Wine Company

Send Eco-Elegant Flowers

Organic Bouquet: Discover an amazing selection of Eco friendly centerpieces for all types of celebrations. With warm wishes of winter splendor, you can find Eco friendly wreaths, gourmet gifts, centerpieces and of course beautiful organic flowers.

Gift certificates are beautifully designed with a bouquet of flowers. You can select the amount you want to purchase; $25, $50, $125 and $200. With an Eco-savvy email delivery, your gift card is delivered when specified. Note: If you choose today’s delivery date, the email will be sent same day to the email address you provide at the first stage of checkout (order must be placed before 3:00PM PST). Otherwise, it will be sent on the next business day or on the delivery date you choose in the future. Note: To order Organic Bouquet flowers, scroll to the end of the article.

Sunfood Body Care - Nutrition For the Skin

Sunfood: Give the gift of health and have it instantly delivered via email. Sunfood has a huge variety of nutritious superfoods.

Your loved ones will immediately receive a personalized message from you with a code they can use to purchase anything in the amount of the gift card.

For more information about Sunfood see: Organic Super Foods | Sunfood Superfoods


 Beautiful Organic Flowers

OrganicBouquet 2


15 Stems Cheerful Gerbera Daisies

One Dozen White Roses

One Dozen Orange Bliss Roses

One Dozen Majestic Sunset Roses

Sunshine Lily Bouquet

Two Dozen United Plant Savers Rose Bouquet

Country Sunflower Bouquet




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