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Children Need Edible Art Supplies:

Like all children, everything goes into their mouth. Kids are sensory beings, they need to touch, taste and explore the world. Children love adventure, nature and developing their skills. Dabbling in art is a great learning tool and favorite pastime for children.

However, art supplies are typically toxic. In fact, some art supplies contain many toxic materials that can cause various symptoms like nausea, headaches,  burns, kidney and lung damage, breathing problems and even cancer.[i]  Edible art is the only solution.

Edible Art Supplies Children Can Eat


Edible Art Supplies

Children are very susceptible to toxins because of their faster metabolisms, small size and undeveloped immune systems. It is extremely important to be aware of the ingredients of their art supplies. Invariably, children will put their art supplies into their mouth and usually eat what is in their hands. Although there are several companies that claim to be safe and toxic-free, their products usually contain dyes and other poisonous materials.

So how does a mom find edible art supplies? Well moms, it’s easy, just look for an organic label on the product. Also, under the Labeling of Hazardous Art Materials Act (LHAMA) Regulation, art supplies must contain warnings if they can cause serious health hazards like “may cause skin irritation” or “harmful if swallowed”. So, eliminate all products that have LHAMA warnings.

Where to Find Edible Art

So where can a parent find edible art supplies? The good news is that there are companies that have edible art supplies. You can find edible art for both children and adults. After researching several “so called” natural art supply companies I finally found a minute few that carried edible art. One of the best companies is Wee Can Too. This company is certified organic, is compliant with the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM), on the B. EcoChic list for Guide to the Best Toys-2012, a winner of the CRIBSIE Awards, 2012, a winner in the Dr. Toy Best Green Product in 2011 and a winner in the TD Monthly Top Toy, 2011.

Wee Can Too Edible Art Supplies

Wee Can Too has a spectacular selection of edible art supplies that your little ones can enjoy. The edible art is safe to put in the mouth, eat and play with. Moms, you can be rest assured that Wee Can Too has high quality standards for all their products.

Some of the edible art supplies include veggie crayons made with organic fruit and vegetable powders, vegie sidewalk chalk colored with beets, spinach and blueberry, smooth and silky natural face paint, magic egg coloring kit with vibrant colors and toxic-free natural Tempura paint.

Their signature product is the original naturally safe finger paint. It was a winner of the 2012 Cribsie Awards! The edible art finger paint was specifically designed for babies. The fun paint is organic plus vegan. Its natural ingredients contain no wheat, sugars or preservatives.  The paint comes in 5 lively colors naturally dyed with blueberries, beets, spinach and pumpkin.  As quoted from the owner “If they can eat it, they can paint!”

 Edible Art Supplies | Amazon

Amazon is a great source to find affordable edible art supplies. Check it out:


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