Top 5 Sustainable Green Restaurants in the World


Best Green Restaurants Worldwide

If you are not a green restaurant, you should be. Most of us know that restaurants use more energy than any retail business around. In fact, according to Pacific Gas & Electric’s Food Service Technology Center (FSTC), the average restaurant consumes 500,000 kilowatt hours of electricity, 800,000 gallons of water and 20,000 therms of natural gas per year.

On the other hand, there are restaurants that are paving a gallant example for others and going more than just green. In truth, green restaurants around the world are making sustainable changes that are so amazing it will leave you dazed. From sophisticated recycled furniture and décor to reducing waste and recycling for the environment, restaurants are taking the green plunge. Some of the many changes involve outlandish architectural designs such as breathtaking tree-houses, solar powered pop-up shipping container cafes and a restaurant with a certified organic rooftop farm.

An Sustainable Green Restaurant | Uncommon Ground in Chicago

uncommon ground chicago

Named as the nation’s greenest restaurant, Uncommon Ground earned high points from the Green Restaurant Association. They earned a 4 star in all categories; sustainable food, waste reduction and recycling, energy, chemical and pollution reduction, water efficiency and disposables.  To be a certified green restaurant you have to accumulate a total of 100 points, Uncommon Ground earned 365 points.

Uncommon Ground is leaving a remarkable green footprint for many restaurants to follow. Being the first in the nation to build an organic rooftop farm, the green restaurant produced over 700 pounds of produce this year. Equally, the rooftop deck is made of reclaimed wood and recycled plastic. The sustainable restaurant has made other impressive green initiatives such as zero waste, solar panels, use of Eco-friendly disposables and cleaning products, LED lighting and biodiesel vehicle.

Environment Friendly: The Grey Plume in Omaha, Nebraska

Grey Plume in Omaha

The Grey Plume is the nation’s first three star Sustainabuild Certified Green Restaurant from the Green Restaurant Association. They now have a 4 star and have accumulated more points than any other Certified Green Restaurant.

The Grey Plume is built with Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified wood plus the floors and furniture contain 90% recycled content made from reclaimed wood salvaged from an abandoned farm. Additionally, the sustainable restaurant uses non-toxic cleaning products, environment friendly disposables and LED lighting. Likewise, their menus are printed with soy-based ink on recycled paper and are full of seasonal and local produce plus fresh meat from local farmers.

Going Green: The Alnwick Garden Treehouse Restaurant, Northumberland UK

Sustainable Green Tree-House Restaurant

A uniquely crafted tree-house built from sustainable sourced English and Scots pine, Scandinavian redwood and Canadian cedar.  In the heart of the tree-house is the inspiring green restaurant that has structured the architecture to preserve nature.

The sustainable restaurant has screens that are formed from fallen branches, trees growing through the floor, a log fire in the center of the room, handcrafted furniture and a menu with organic meats from local farmlands, native fish and produce. The ambiance is a fairytale dream environment for both children and adults with wobbly rope bridges, natural dancing lights, enchanting music and a variety of fascinating bird life.

Green Restaurant Mobile: MUVBOX, Montreal Canada


The pop-up shipping container green restaurant recently won a gold medal at the Canadian National Design Exchange Awards in the Temporary Interior Design category. It was recognized by its unique design and for leaving a minimal footprint on the environment due to its extreme mobility. Within 15 minutes the shipping container is transformed into a fully functioning cafe that seats over 40 people.

This green restaurant has contributed to the environment by an Eco-friendly floor made from recycled material, using two solar panels in the roof, cooking with a wood-fired pizza oven and purchasing biodegradable packaging for customers.  Daniel Noiseux, the owner of MUVOOX envisions future initiatives to include even more Eco-friendly efficiencies.

Extremely Sustainable: Slowpoke Espresso Café, Fitzroy Australia

Slowpoke Espresso Cafe

Many restaurants are going beyond recycling by making products from recycled content to furnish their décor. The Slowpoke Espresso Café has gone above that to preserve our environment. Everything in this green restaurant is sustainable, organic, recycled and reused.

Located in a prevalent suburb of Melbourne, the sustainable restaurant offers a unique interior design that utilizes every green source imaginable. The walls are created with a pleasant array of wood grains with larger cuts that extend from the wall and serve as natural shelves. The tabletops are constructed of recycled floorboards with flea market chairs for seating. In fact, even the tile, lamp shades and business cards are Eco-friendly including the window sign that is powered by solar energy. The green restaurant offers a menu filled with organic, local, and biodynamic food plus organic coffee.

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