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  1. connie m daulton says:

    to improve my balance due severe motion sickness and anxiety,blurred vision.

  1. October 24, 2015

    […] Compared to other astringent green and black teas, matcha is a lot more rich and creamy. The amino acids and chlorophyll found in matcha gives it its distinctive rich flavor. The first flavor that hits the palate is slightly astringent but is followed by a long-lasting sweetness. However, matcha is subtler in taste when added as an ingredient such as in shortbread. In truth, matcha adds the flavor of green tea to your creation plus a beautiful color.   Some feel that matcha is an acquired taste. But if you like a “superfood green” flavor then you will love matcha! If you are new to chlorophyll rich foods then use a small amount of matcha powder. You can always add more with a second batch, if so desired.   For more information on the health benefits of matcha see: Matcha Green Tea Health Benefits […]

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