Rose, Lemon Balm & Raspberry Infused Water

Rose Strawberry Infused Water

Naturally refreshing and quite stylish, this raspberry rose infused water will keep you content and hydrated throughout the summer.  Serve this enticing refreshment to quench your thirst, when you relax out on the deck or when you want to impress your guests with a charming beverage.

Rosewater can be traced back to the 10th century in Sassanid Persia. It was used to beautify and flavor many Persian cuisines. Rose water also became popular during the time of the Crusades. It was often used for washing your hands prior to a big meal, somewhat like todays disinfectants but only better.  Today, rosewater is utilized for many things including cosmetically in skin products, as a medicinal, in aromatherapy and in the culinary world.

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rose waterTypes of Rose Water

There are basically two types of rosewater, one for external use and the other for internal use.   Rose water for external use such as in skin care or lotions is steam distilled.  Edible rose water is infused water (hydrosol) that results when the fresh petals are distilled for their essential oils.

Rosewater has a distinctive flavor and is still abundantly used in many cuisines such as in Persia, the Middle East, India, Pakistan, Western Europe, Mexico and other countries. 

Health Benefits

There are actually of 150 species of roses which accounts for over a thousand varieties.  The Damask rose is best known for its tender petals and delicate fragrance and is the best variety for rose water.   However, any fragrant rose variety will suffice if the Damask rose is not available.  That is, as long as the roses are organic and grown with chemicals.

In addition, according to Livestrong, if the flowers are producing seed, the petals are higher in vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin B3, vitamin E and vitamin D. As well, they are rich in tannins,   bioflavonoids, zinc and citric acid.

For more detailed information about the benefits of rosewater see –
Benefits of Rosewater and Rose Oil– Not Just for Healthy Skin

strawbery rose infused water

The Ultimate Beverage

In Ayurvedic medicine, rosewater and rose extract is renowned for balancing the emotions that govern the heart. It is also known as a mood enhancer and many claim that rose water can calm the nerves.  What is more, some cultures believe it to be a sensual aphrodisiac.

Rosewater is believed to boost healthy skin. As well, it helps you stay hydrated, especially if you don’t drink a lot of plain water.  If you desire more exotic refreshments, add fruit such as raspberries or strawberries, lemon balm or other favorites along with a handful of rose petals. Another nice touch is to add a Vanilla Bean and omit the lemon balm, it pairs well with the rose petals and fresh raspberries.

For an impressive display, serve the infused water in a glass pitcher with matching glasses such as –

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Rose, Lemon Balm & Raspberry Infused Water

This revitalizing infused water has a nice subtle sweetness of raspberries, a euphoric rose floral flavor with a lovely lemon balm zing. The rose water is calming, refreshing and a very enjoyable.  

Rose, Lemon Balm & Raspberry Infused Water
Yields 1
Calming, Refreshing & a Very Enjoyable
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Prep Time
10 min
Total Time
8 hr 10 min
Prep Time
10 min
Total Time
8 hr 10 min
  1. • A handful of raspberries
  2. • Petals from two roses (organic and chemical-free)
  3. • A couple sprigs of lemon balm or 1 lemon (sliced into wedges)
  4. • 1 gallon of filtered water
  1. Gently place the raspberries, lemon balm and rose petal in a gallon glass jar
  2. Fill the jar with filtered water
  3. Place the jar in the refrigerator
  4. All the ingredients to infuse for at least 2 hours, preferably overnight
  5. Fill a gallon jar with all the ingredients and leave to infuse in the fridge for at least a couple of hours, preferably overnight.
  6. Serve the infused water from the jar with the fruit, lemon balm and rose petals. If desired, use a small sieve and a ladle to pour into the glasses to keep the petals and fruit pieces in the jar
  7. Enjoy 🙂
  1. If preferred: Omit lemon balm or lemon and add a vanilla bean.
  2. Substitute raspberries with strawberries or other favorite berry.
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Note: Always consult a qualified healthcare specialist before changing your diet. This includes natural remedies and herbal teas or supplements. Additionally, the information in this article is not intended as medical advice; it is for educational purposes only.

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